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JAN 2019

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56 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY JA N UA RY 2019 H A M M E R H E A D T R E N C H L E S S HammerHead Trenchless, a Charles Machine Works company, has introduced a new, purpose-built trailer for cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) applications that gives installers a uniquely versatile and efficient workstation suited to almost any job they encounter. The LT-20PRO features a modular design with all storage, electrical power and air supply needed for a wide range of lateral lining tasks. The configuration is customizable, allowing the customer to tailor it to their specific needs and avoid duplication of existing equipment. The 20-ft long trailer 's modular design not only maintains an efficient workspace during installations but keeps all components secure and at-the-ready while traveling from job to job. On more restrictive job sites, all equipment in the LT-20PRO can be unmounted for easy relocation. Each trailer can be outfitted with the desired inversion drum size, curing equipment, reinstatement and drain cleaning tools to meet each customer 's individual needs. P E R M A - L I N E R I N D U S T R I E S Perma-Liner Industries LLC is introducing a new eco-friendly resin called Perma-Liner Vinyl Hybrid Resin. The newest resin in the company's robust catalog is the only vinyl hybrid that was designed with zero styrene, extremely low VOC 's and is a hybrid vinyl ester with high-rigid polymer backbone. The Vinyl Hybrid resin has a standard pot life of more than eight hours and uses an easy initiator with one percent cumyl hydroperoxide (CHP) by weight making it cheap, easy and effective. With this new resin, it can be hot water or steam cured at a minimum of 140°F temperature held for 28 minutes with no post cure. The lower cure temperature of 140°F means it's safer, gentler on equipment, a short time to maintain the temperature and easier temperature to reach for longer shots. Perma-Liner 's Vinyl Hybrid boasts consistent viscosity and is resistant to sag and draining around vertical surfaces and reinforcement. Perma-Liner 's newest resin joins the company's other resins: the high-performance Vinyl Ester, styrene-free Silicate and the ever-popular 100 percent solids epoxy. T T T E C H N O L O G I E S TT Technologies' redesigned Grundopit pit-launched mini directional drill is well suited for difficult fiber-to-the-home and utility service line installations in tight working conditions. The unit is compact, 54 inches long, 43 inches wide and 57 inches tall. The Grundopit delivers 13,489 lbs of thrust and pull back and 553 f-lbs of torque with bore length up to 150 ft. The Grundopit is an ideal entry-level system for utilities, cable industries or as a supplement to larger units. The new unit features a patented instant plug-in lock that holds the drill stem in place. The instant plug-in lock system allows new drill stems to be added easily by engaging the new drill stem at the rotational motor. This means that drill stems are only screwed into the lead stem and not the rotational motor, cutting the time it takes to add a stem in half. V E R M E E R Vermeer expands its line of utility installation equipment with the launch of the D8x12 Navigator horizontal directional drill. This new compact and highly productive drill is sized for working in tight spaces, features straightforward controls and delivers quiet operation. With two drill rod options for added versatility, the Vermeer D8x12 is well suited for small service installations, including gas distribution, power, water and telecommunication networks. The Vermeer D8x12 horizontal directional drill is equipped with a 48-hp Kohler diesel engine and offers 1,000 ft-lb of spindle torque and 7,850 lbs of thrust/pullback. It features basic hydraulic pilot joystick controls with only essential electrical components, simplifying operation and routine maintenance. With a low noise emission level of 85 dBA at the operator 's ear and guaranteed sound power of 104 dBA, the D8x12 is an excellent machine for working in urban environments. It can fit through a 36-in. gate or onto a trailer with other jobsite essentials. While on the job, the D8x12 drill's tracks provide optimized traction for operations with little ground disturbance. With a forward travel speed of 2.8 mph, this compact drill can quickly be repositioned between bores W H A T ' S N E W

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