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JAN 2019

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44 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY JA N UA RY 2019 I N F R A S T E E L , A P E R M A N E N T C U LV E R T R E H A B I L I TAT I O N S Y S T E M, was used by Midwest Mole of Green- field, Indiana, to slipline a 245-ft long , 144-in. diameter failing corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culvert under US 31 in Miami County, Indiana. US 31 is a heavily traveled north- south thoroughfare in Indiana, so the Indiana Department of Transportation determined that sliplining was the best option for repairing the failing struc- ture. The project was bid in the spring of 2017, and construction work was performed in the fall of 2017. Precision Pipe's InfraSteel culvert liner is made from smooth wall carbon steel, in custom shapes and sizes spe- cifically for each culvert failure site. InfraSteel has extra copper in the steel for added corrosion resistance and is made in wall thicknesses from ½ to 2 in. thick, which provides superior structural integrity. InfraSteel's design life is calculated by adding sacrificial steel, for each year of desired life ex- pectancy, to the wall thickness required to handle the existing load bearing re- quirements. The existing structure for this site was round and reasonably straight, however, it did have a dip in the middle of the run which was taken in consideration when the size was determined. The other major sizing consideration is the hydraulic capac- ity of the liner. InfraSteel's Manning 's coefficient is .012, and inlet and outlet control features are available but were not required for this project. Midwest Mole had to remove approx- imately 2 ft of silt from the bottom of the existing structure in order to deter- mine what size would fit inside of the host pipe structure. Once the silt was removed, a survey of the line was com- pleted for both elevations and the align- ment of the existing pipe. A mandrel By Cullom Walker Sliplining in Indiana A failing culvert was given a second life through trenchless rehabilitation

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