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JAN 2019

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tive refinery itself, with multiple bends including two runs with 90 degree vertical turns. Complicating the installation process was that the refinery could not be shut down dur- ing the project . The installation consisted of nine pulls of DN150/6-in. low pressure flexible liner. Two pulls were in excess of 4,000 ft of continuous liner, one pull was exceeded 3,000 ft , and there were multiple shorter runs with 90-de- gree bends. The project duration was only four weeks. One section that was located outside the perimeter of the refinery in what 's called " Exxon corridor." This posed an even greater problem for conventional methods of rehabili- tation as multiple pits on this location would require coor- dination with multiple property owners to grant permission to dig and work in the pits creating greater overlay of safety security and doubling the cost for work in this area. The one section here consisted of 4,300 lf, along this section are 3 to 30-degree bends. To use conventional CIPP would require at least four runs with five pits; conversely Primus Line was pulled into place in one section in one hour. Once the two end connectors where attached, the pipe was ready for ser- vice within six hours. Two of the sections, approximately 850 ft long , run under an active rail system and had two 30- and one 45- degree and ended by a 90-degree transition vertically to the sur- face. This was accomplished with no problems with flexible Kevlar liner. Final Pressure Test All lines were successfully pressure tested at 300 psi , with an operating pressure of 200 psi . Along with a successful installation, the client also reported a significant increase in flow rate. John Moody is director of sales-United States at RAEDLINGER Primus Line Inc. W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M 33 Once the two end connectors where attached, the pipe was ready for service within six hours.

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