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JAN 2019

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Technology Selection After significant evaluation of all proposed technologies by the engineers of the pipe owner, it was determined that Primus Line was the best solution for this project when compared to the alternative technologies submitted. This decision was based on performance of the product , instal - lation time (one- third that of CIPP) and overall cost savings ($1.5 million cheaper than CIPP), a smaller footprint and the ability to work in the 103 F average daily temperatures and heavy rains that where present during the install . Preparation The material buildup in the line was significant. The installer utilized a pigging method for cleaning and was fairly aggressive; this process took a bit longer than originally anticipated. Once the line had a free inner diameter, a so pig was sent through the line to verify the pipe was in fact ready for the liner Project Challenges The challenges associated with this particular project in- cluded the long runs, as well as several runs inside the ac- 32 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY JA N UA RY 2019 COME SEE US AT WWETT BOOTH #6646 AND NO-DIG BOOTH #825 The installation consisted of nine pulls of DN150/6-in. low pressure flexible liner. Two pulls were in excess of 4,000 ft of continuous liner, one pull was exceeded 3,000 ft, and there were multiple shorter runs with 90-degree bends. Subscribe magazine... to I T ' S A C O N S T R U C T I O N S C AV E N G E R H U N T ! F i n d t h e s e i te m s a ro u n d yo u r n e i g h b o r h o o d a n d c h e c k t h e b oxe s a s yo u f i n d t h e m . R O A D W O R K A H E A D S I G N O R A N G E B A R R E L E X C AVAT O R S O M E O N E W I T H A H A R D H AT S K I D S T E E R B U M P S I G N Read It! Being a Big Helper After a few days of rain, Tommy is happy to go outside to help his mom and dad clean up the yard. He puts on his coat, gloves and hard hat ready to work. 14 Jobsite Juniors ON THE G O ! P A CAN YOU DIG IT? Jobsite Juniors 8 In April, we got to visit Volvo to test drive its EW60E wheeled excavator! Fun Stories Fun Facts Fun Activities And so much more! ...and share the fascinating world of construction with a child! j o b s i t e j u n i o r s . c o m $ 2 4 . 9 5 f o r 6 i s s u e s T h a t ' s 3 0 % o f f t h e c o v e r p r i c e !

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