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DEC 2018

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54 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY D EC E M B E R 2018 B U C H E R M U N I C I P A L Earlier this year, Bucher showcased its brand new RECycler 208, a compact unit with the capabilities of a large recycling units and the maneuverability of a smaller truck. The Bucher RECycler208 responds to the highest business and environmental demands as good as its larger counterpart, the Bucher RECycler 315. This world-class technology provides you with increased flexibility and greater area of use by means of a movable partition and by allowing you to turn off the recycling system when you need it. Do all this while keeping the C02 level emissions and water consumption low. With this compact but powerful unit, you can stay ahead of your competitors by increasing efficiency and production also on those spaces harder to reach. The Bucher RECycler 208's system is also fully automatic which enables you to reduce fuel consumption on a daily basis. It is mounted on a Kenworth T880 chassis and comes with an 8 yd3 tank, a jetting capacity of 54 US gpm at 2,320 psi, a CVS VacuStar 1,300 vacuum pump, and an Uraca P3-15 jetting pump C U E S CUES has developed a new lightweight, portable, wireless digital video inspection pole camera that can be operated by one person. The new QuickZoom III (QZIII) camera is designed to provide cable- free safe-viewing in industrial or environmental areas with no man entry. Perform swift inspections and surveys of pipelines, wet wells, manholes, sewer treatment plants, steam generators, tanks, vessels, and other areas that are difficult to reach. QZIII can also be used to locate lateral services or to identify blockages at manholes, access ports, or other entry points without entering the line or structure. QZIII is mounted on a lightweight carbon fiber adjustable telescopic pole that can extend up to 30 ft. The 1080p HD digital camera features a 360:1 zoom with built-in image stabilization, automatic focus, and it is operated using a tablet. The new QZIII also includes distance to defect with laser and is powered by batteries that last more than five hours on a charge. N O Z Z T E Q Nozzteq customers asked for a powerful, long-lasting, and effective bottom cleaner to complement to our C-RAY series that was recycled water friendly, so we built the new MANTA Series with interior surfaces and interchangeable rear jetting plates made of stainless steel and ceramic parts to stand up to hard water and grit. This unique design really works. MANTA is very heavy — 50-plus lbs — and it slides on wide runners that are replaceable. So it stays on the bottom of large diameter pipes, where it will do the most good, and this nozzle's bottom surface will never wear out. For even more durability and versatility, the MANTA's jetting plate is interchangeable and replaceable, and the plates come in 8, 10, and 12 jet configurations. This is a tough bottom cleaner that will work hard in dirty sewers for decades. P I C O T E S O L U T I O N S The Picote Solutions Smart Spider has been created to clean pipes that are cracked, rotted or have sections missing. The existing host pipe can be thoroughly cleaned in preparation to have a liner installed. Designed to be powered by the Picote Maxi Miller and Maxi Miller Power Plus the Smart Spider will rotate at a lower 1,000 rpms and flex back into the pipe when it hits the rotted or broken section. This allows the Smart Spider to grind and clean without breaking the tool or kinking the cable. It can be used to clean all types of pipe including PVC and easily navigates 45 and 90-degree bends. The Smart Spider is rebuildable as the legs where down. It's available now in 4- and 6-in. sizes and available in July for 8, 10 and 12 in. For more information, call 219-440-1404 or visit . P I P E C L E A N I N G P R O D U C T S

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