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DEC 2018

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was critical to the success of the proj- ect , and saved a significant amount of time, as the pre-assembly resulted in an extremely efficient pullback and installation process. SSC was able to utilize its drone throughout the in- stallation process, to view and track progress across the entire jobsite. Ad- ditionally, the SRP-MIC allowed crews to dump dirt spoils and excess mud from the pits onto the unused section of roadway, which saved crews the time they would have otherwise spent traveling to dump off- site. SSC was able to the complete the pullback by utilizing its two track hoes, two backhoes and pipe rollers to move the casing and waterline from the staging area to the pullback pit for install . This was a highly precise task, as both of SSC 's excavators had to work in tandem to move the casing and clear the pipe rollers, while staying within single lane of roadway, as traffic continued to flow. Once the installation was completed, the pits were backfilled, slurried and sealed and traffic flow returned to normal . " This was one of the more exciting projects SSC completed this year, because of its size," said Abe Veidmark, vice president of SSC and superintendent on this project . " We had a chance to utilize our drone and capture the overall size of this project on video, which cannot usually be seen from a ground level view. We are thankful to have been selected for this project , and we look forward to working on other projects for the City of Scottsdale and the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community." Family-owned and operated since 1969, Specialized Services Company (SSC), has been recognized as one of Arizona's leading underground con- struction companies. SSC provides vacuum excavating , trenchless tech- nology and underground construc- tion services to: engineering firms, general contractors, local city, state and county governments, pipeline companies and utility agencies. Steven Kaufman is business process analyst for SSC Underground. Check out how SSC uses drones to enhance the work it does on construction project— see sidebar on pg. 50 W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M 49

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