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DEC 2018

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W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M 43 and water to have the opportunity to look at these pipe materi- als, tools, articles and photographs. The more they know about the history of their profession, the better off they will be in con- ducting business today. Learning from both the good things and the bad, so they don't repeat what should not be repeated." Continued Growth Getting the display in front of more people and keeping it going are two of the reasons the AZ Water Association looked for anoth- er group to take over administration of the display. Enter NASSCO in 2014, which added sponsorship packages for its members to help defray the cost of shipping the exhibit across the country. " We [the industry] have come so far, and trenchless tech- nologies designed to assess, maintain and rehabilitate sewer systems are so impressive, but the impact of our advance- ments cannot be fully realized unless you can appreciate how far we have come," says Sheila Joy, NASSCO executive direc- tor. " When you look at the exhibit and you see the rudimen- tary wooden pipes and other artifacts, it gives you a whole new appreciation for our industry and where we are today." Joy acknowledges that in its current form, the exhibit is somewhat cumbersome and can be difficult to transport . It is shipped to shows in two large wooden crates, weighing roughly 2,400 lbs., and takes a significant amount of time and volunteer manpower to setup and take down. "One of our strategies is to make the exhibit nimbler, so we can get it out to more people," Joy says. " For the past few years it has been on a regular schedule, and we want to iden- tify ways to make it more accessible at smaller events so it can have greater exposure. That may include sending it out with less pieces and rotating those so it would be different at each show during the year." More immediately, Joy wants to link Schladweiler 's sewer- website under the NASSCO banner, so that it can be accessed from the NASSCO website and reach a greater audience. She also hopes to have a smaller version of the exhibit for the 2019 NASSCO Annual Convention in April . " We have a lot of opportunity to grow and educate people and one of NASSCO's goals is to work to promote the industry to young people entering the job market in the skilled trades through our recent partnership with SkillsUSA," Joy says. "I think that this exhibit could be an integral part of that partner- ship helping to show the history of the industry. People are oen in awe when they see these historical items and the educational component is a critical part of the success of this exhibit." Mike Kezdi is associate editor of Trenchless Technology. Getting the display in front of more people and keeping it going are two of the reasons AZ Water Association looked for another group to take over administration of the display. Enter NASSCO in 2014.

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