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DEC 2018

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to keep the auger from sucking sand in from around the pipe's mouth. Spivey had anticipated a straightforward boring operation without complications, as he has installed pipe in this area several times before. Lee said, " We found just a bit of debris in the fill as we began the bore. It was good sand here, tightly compacted. It held up well throughout the run," Lee said. A light flow of drilling fluid down the lubrication tube reduced drag and further helped to hold the sand. Each 40-ft length of pipe took about one hour to weld on and just 25 minutes on average to advance. The 36/42-600 has a five- speed transmission, with thrust rated up to 600,000 psi . " We never had to push too hard," Lee said. " We never needed any more than, at most , 1,200 psi the entire run, and torque was always in third or second gear." DS Boring made it to the median the first day and completed the run the next . They maintained line and grade using a steering head and American Augers Dutch Level . "Steering was controlled through rotation rods," Lee said. " We used a 4-to- 1 force multiplier to relieve pressure on the steering hinges. It steered really well, giving us whatever we asked for exactly when we asked for it." As the crew set the eighth pipe into the ground, the first pipe emerged on target , perfectly in line and on grade. Lee said, " You'd be surprised the precision you can get using just a Dutch Level ." It 's based on the water level principle, he explained, a low- tech concept but reliable and accurate in use. The 36/42-600 immediately went on to its next job and has been steadily boring one job after another since then. The excavator that had set the 16,400-lb assembled unit in the pit was no longer on the site. Like most other American Augers boring machines, however, the unit can be quickly split into its three main parts for ease of relocation. Assembly on the jobsite takes about 25 minutes. The heaviest split-out section weighed around 5,600 lbs, well within the capability of DS Boring 's own, mid- size excavator. In spite of additional time taken for Lee's walkthroughs and instructional breaks, DS Boring completed the pipe installation, pressure- tested it and tied it in all within two days. Spivey said the customer was so pleased with DS Boring 's speedy resolution to the division project 's long delay, they began lining up more jobs for DS Boring in the future. Spivey said. "Our fleet has several boring machines, three now by American Augers, and two Ditch Witch directional drills. They 're all staying pretty busy. We have so much work right here, we don't have to travel far for jobs," Spivey said. DS Boring continues to expand its operations and is hiring right now. Lee Drugan is marketing manager at American Augers. W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M 39

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