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DEC 2018

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Established June 1, 2016, DS Boring is a new company started by long- time industry professionals Jim and Denise Spivey. Jim Spivey is a second generation lineman. "I was climbing poles with my dad when I was 13," he said. Their own son is also in the industry, working for a power company. That was more than 40 years ago. Over the course of his career, stringing cables pole to pole turned increasingly more to underground installation. A utilities company he started more than 30 years ago grew to a workforce of more than 200 employees. " We were doing a lot of jack-and-bore and directional boring work for underground utilities," Spivey said. The Spiveys' new company, DS Boring , specializes in auger boring and horizontal directional drilling (HDD), primarily for its utility clients. The Spiveys aren't the only veterans on board. Tom Hogan, general manager, who served as project supervisor for the Suncoast Parkway crossing job, and Doug Hartman, the job's auger boring operator, each have worked with the Spiveys more than 20 years. Boring operations beneath Suncoast Parkway began Sept. 10, 2018. The primary contractor of the project excavated a 57-ft long by 18-ft wide launch pit to a depth of 6 ft. Due to persistent rains, which had contributed to the project's delay, the DS Boring crew covered the benched pit walls with plastic sheeting to prevent sand from washing down into it. A lightly traveled, preexisting trail that navigated its way three quarters of a mile through swamp -like terrain gave DS Boring back access to the work area. The crew could keep its equipment off the tollway. The primary contractor used the same excavator that created the pit to carry DS Boring 's new boring machine to it for commissioning – an American Augers 36/42-600 powered by a CAT Tier 4 Final diesel engine. The 36/42-600 comes standard with three sect ions of track . DS Boring ordered theirs with five to accommodate the 40-ft long sect ions of pipe used on this job. A 1-in . steel plate, 4 ft high by 12 ft wide, backed the track assembly at the thrust wall . Jim Lee, an American Augers application specialist , was on site both for the new unit 's commissioning and to help DS Boring train several of its newer employees in auger boring fundamentals. Although DS Boring 's own operators are expert boring specialists, Lee said, " We like to introduce operators to a new machine personally, walking them through the manufacturer-recommended procedures to get what we believe will be the safest and most efficient operation from the unit ." A cutting head was not necessary in the Florida sand. The pipe's friction band sufficiently overcut the hole diameter by ½ in. Without a cutting head, DS Boring set the auger back 8 to 10 in. inside the pipe. This kept a "sand plug " at the opening of the pipe 38 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY D EC E M B E R 2018 I N T R O D U C I N G T H E TORNADO™ REINSTATEMENT CUTTER! Hurricane Reinstatement Solutions Tucson, AZ 702-376-1483 TORNADO: 1. Makes oval hole in all pipe types 2. Reinstates in 15 – 30 seconds 3. LiƩle to no sanding 4. Does not go through plasƟc 5. Same tool used for plasƟc, c.i., steel, wood, clay, transit, etc. 6. Reinstates dry or full of water in 30 seconds 7. Reinstates up 70+ feet long in less than 1 minute 8. Able to traverse mulƟple fiƫngs without loss of cuƩer power 9. Will do 40+ reinstatements with 1 tool 10. All metal 11. American made 12. Anyone and we mean anyone can use COMPETITOR: 1. Does not 2. Reinstatements take 15 – 30 minutes 3. Must sand completely from a 1" hole 4. Goes through plasƟc pipe most of the Ɵme 5. Different tools for different types of pipes 6. Pipe must be dry only 7. Limited to 35 to 39 feet 8. Cannot efficiently reinstate with mulƟple fiƫngs 9. Can do 4 reinstatements per tool 10. Nope 11. Foreign-made 12. Needs to take class to be able to use This patented* cuƩer from H.R.S. (Hurricane Reinstatement SoluƟons) are available for 2" to 6". This cuƩer is a quantum leap ahead of the other cuƩers that are available on the market currently. Here are just a few comparisons... *Patent Pending HRS

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