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DEC 2018

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W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M 31 E N G I N E E R I N G C A PA B I L I T I E S G U I D E Laney Directional Drilling has over 29 years of Trenchless Technology construction experience and has installed more than 2,800 Trenchless Crossings and 990 miles of Trenchless Pipelines. Today, Laney is North America's premier independent trenchless construction and engineering firm with over 30 years' experience serving the oil, gas, power, telecommunications, water, sewer, wind, desalinization and mining industries. The company is widely recognized as one of the most experienced and capable horizontal directional drilling providers for large diameter pipelines as well as the leading Direct Pipe® contractor in North America. Over its history, Laney has operated on five different continents and is strategically reestablishing its footprint across the globe. The company continues to expand its share of the turnkey engineering, procurement and construction market while constantly focusing on improving trenchless construction methods and technology. Laney is the Only U.S. Based Direct Pipe®, Horizontal Directional Drilling, (HDD) & Extraction Company Providing Integrated Engineering & Trenchless Construction Services for complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project delivery. EPC services provide a single source of contact and responsibility to our clients, saving them time and money. Through Laney's EPC process, our team of dedicated Professional Licensed Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Professionals and Safety Leaders provide clear and consistent communicate and collaborate throughout the project. This project delivery method has numerous benefits to low cost contracting by providing owners with a single source of responsibility on a project. Laney is a licensed engineering firm in 28 states and employs Professional Engineers licensed in more than 30 states. Since 2011, Laney engineering has completed more than 300 trenchless crossing projects and continues to grow as a leader in advanced engineering solutions for both complex and standard trenchless crossings. Engineering Services include HDD, Direct Pipe® and other Trenchless Feasibility and Constructability Reviews, Trenchless Route Assessment and Planning and Detailed HDD Design. In addition, Laney provides Geotechnical Exploration Management, IFB, IFC, and Permit Support Drawings as well as USACE Permit Support. Analysis of installation and operations loads and stresses on product pipe as well as Hydraulic Fracture and Inadvertent Returns Analysis are select Laney services. A well thought out plan and design may be the most critical part of a successful pipeline project. Laney's in- house engineering staff will help you design a safer, more economic trenchless crossing. Thorough constructible trenchless designs can greatly reduce construction costs during installation, this includes a proper geotechnical investigation providing the necessary data for a more effective result. Hydraulic fracture inadvertent return (HFIR) analysis will also aid in the design and help mitigate the potential for inadvertent returns during construction. Additionally, the advance planning of temporary workspace, water supply, and drilling fluid management will also make a sizable impact on the success of your project. Good designs don't cost money, they save money! To learn more visit Advanced Engineering | Customer Focused | Operational Excellence

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