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NOV 2018

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6 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY N OV E M B E R 2018 F R O M T H E P U B L I S H E R T H E S T R E N G T H A N D G R O W T H O F T H E T R E N C H L E S S I N D U S T R Y is attracting North American publicly traded companies. This month's cover story on Granite Construction is an excellent example of this. Granite is a $3.5 billion, publicly traded company that is noted for its mega construction projects. This year Granite stepped up its investment in trenchless with the acquisitions of LiquiForce and Layne Christensen (Inliner). Kenny Construction was acquired in 2012. Together, these organizations now comprise the newly formed Granite Inliner Division of Granite Construction. Granite is now positioned to have a major impact in the water/wastewater market for new construction and rehabilitation. With Kenny, Granite entered the large diameter tunneling and microtunneling arenas, as well as the pipeline rehabilitation market; LiquiForce and Layne Christensen further advance the company into the water/ wastewater sector. Layne Christensen's Inliner CIPP technology now has Granite as one of the major CIPP players in North America. With the enormity of Granite's size, it certainly brings an influence into the trenchless industry. But Granite is not the only publicly traded company in the trenchless industry. Other notable such companies include Aegion (Insituform, etc.), Quanta Services (Mears, etc.), MVerge (Miller Pipeline, etc.), Primoris Services Corp. (ARB, Vadnais Trenchless, etc.) and Logistic (Sanexen, etc.). Together, these organizations bring billions of dollars of construction experience into the trenchless industry. M I C R OT U N N E L I N G F O C U S The preciseness of microtunneling in installing new sewer systems continues introducing innovations. Curved microtunnels are frequently accomplished around the world and are increasingly used in North America. Longer and longer microtunneling projects are likewise being completed. Mictrotunneling manufacturers such as Akkerman, Herrenknecht, RASA, Iseki and mts, as well as others, are to be commended for advancing microtunneling technology. This month's issue has a special focus on microtunneling. To gain a more comprehensive look at all the aspects of this new installation method, be sure to put on your calendar to attend the annual Microtunneling Short Course to be held Feb. 5-7 (with the Pilot Tube Course held Feb. 4) in Boulder, Colorado, at the University of Colorado. This will be the 26th year of this popular and respected course. Over that time, the Microtunneling Short Course has educated more than 3,500 attendees. Happy Thanksgiving! Bernard P. Krzys Publisher BY B E R N A R D P. K R Z Y S P U B L I C I N V E S T M E N T M A R K E T E M B R A C E S T R E N C H L E S S Feb. 4-7, 2019 Boulder, Colorado

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