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NOV 2018

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50 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY N OV E M B E R 2018 A S D E M A N D S U R G E S to get gigabit internet to homes and businesses across North America, hor- izontal directional drilling (HDD) con- tractors need equipment that can keep up with those installation demands. The contractors are asking manu- facturers for new equipment that is more powerful and will allow them to be more productive in all terrains. This is a tall order considering much of the work being done is in estab - lished neighborhoods where access is limited, and these increased produc- tivity and power demands would typi- cally mean buying a larger drill . Engineers at Ditch Witch heard the call and actually went back to an old HDD theme, but with a present-day spin, to create the Ditch Witch XP directional drill solution. The pack- age includes the JT20XP HDD and the XP44 mixing system. This packaged system gives contractors a full 118- hp HDD solution — a 74.5-hp Deutz Tier 4 diesel drill and a 44-hp Yanmar Tier 4 diesel mixing system — offering increased performance in the same physical footprint as the Ditch Witch JT20 HDD. " The fiber market is probably what 75 percent of these drills are used for," says Jeff Davis, Ditch Witch product manager, HDD. " This drill is one of the most optimal drills used in the in- dustry today because of its footprint and size." How is this accomplished ? The designers took the mud pump off of the drill rig , and added it to the mixing system. In doing so they freed up all of the rig 's 74.5 hp to be dedicated to thrust and rotation. This amounts to increases of 11 per- cent mud flow and 10 percent spindle torque over the unit 's predecessor, and 14 percent spindle speed over the competitive unit . The XP44 connects to the JT20XP via a high-pressure hose and the units are able to communicate wirelessly — up to 300 ft — with equipment that was already available on the JT20 drill . The JT20XP has an identical op - erator station to the JT20 making the transition 100 percent seamless. "This overall theme is something we used in the past. Most of the direc- tional drills were powerpack-driven by offboard systems, like this, but without the technology to run wireless where it is only the drill fluid hose running [to the machine,]" says Cory Maker, Ditch Witch product manager, drill pipe, flu- id systems and downhole tools. "The XP44 is a dedicated mixing system for this package that now incorporates the high-pressure mud pump into the sys- tem, taking it off the drill, and allows the power on the drill to be dedicated to thrust and rotation." Davis concurs, " Right now, on the market , there is not a drill in this size class that can state that all dedicated horsepower goes to drill functions only. Other drills, with onboard fluid pumps, will burn up horsepower just to run that fluid pump. It is a signifi- cant amount ." There are many features to having that high-pressure system that close to the mixing system including hav- ing the centrifugal pump close to the mud pump which prevents cavitation . And from a maintenance and service aspect the contractor has more access to the high-pressure mud pump com- pared to what it would be on a stan- dard drill . The machine is designed to work only with the proper head pressure to the pump, which helps de- crease damage to the pump. P R O D U C T P R O F I L E : D I T C H W I T C H J T 2 0 X P D I R E C T I O N A L D R I L L P A C K A G E By Mike Kezdi Increased Productivity, Small Footprint High on Contractors' Lists

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