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NOV 2018

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minimize disruption to passengers, work was scheduled to take place in sections, with 60 percent being car- ried out at night . Following a full CCTV inspection, the ANT team decided to employ a combination of three different CIPP solutions offered by Trelleborg . The first piece of the puzzle was a flexible CIPP lining technology that would enable navigation of multiple 45-de- gree bends. ANT selected Trelleborg 's DrainFlexLiner CIPP solution with a polypropylene coating , combin- ing this with a resin system that of- fered long pot times and short cur- ing times. This gave the team ample time to prepare and invert the liners, and only a short period of time was needed before they could move on to the next pipe repair. In addition, the team selected a patch repair system to fix isolated issues within the termi- nal 's wastewater system. This system seals sections of up to 16.5 ft and uses 'drain packers' to travel through the pipe to the point of repair, where they are cured in under three hours. With multiple packers in place, the ANT team was able to work on several sec- tions of the network at the same time. The third crucial element of the project involved making long-lasting repairs to the connections between the pipes to prevent future defects. The chosen solution involved using felt liners with a high fiberglass con- tent . Lateral connection repair (LCR) packers were used to transport the liners to the point of damage, with an inspection camera assisting in the po - sitioning . The packer sleeve was then inflated to seal the lateral part of the LCR-liner into the lateral pipe. Once cured, the liner formed a close fric- tional fit with the host pipe's internal wall and repaired a length of the main pipe, as well . Playing the Long Game Using a combination of cured-in- place and patch repair methods, the project team had managed to suc- cessfully repair almost two and a half miles of pipes without a single trench being dug. By working at night and us- ing compact, portable equipment, the team was able to minimize disruption to the day- to-day running of Frankfurt Airport. Crucially, the solutions that are now in place are expected to last at least 50 years, helping Frankfurt's 1970s sanitation system to last well into the second half of the 21st cen- tury. The integrity of the pipe rehabili- tation solutions deployed also protects against contamination via exfiltration for the long term. When it comes to airports, long- term thinking is needed. With more and more travelers taking to the skies, the strain on airport infrastructure is only set to increase over the coming years. In the United States alone, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proj- ects domestic enplanements to reach 941 million a year by 2030. In short, Frankfurt's story shows the value of making timely, non-invasive, wastewater repairs now before they get out of hand. Mark Yanzo is national sales manager at Trelleborg Pipe Repair. Subscribe magazine... to Read It! Being a Big Helper After a few days of rain, Tommy is happy to go outside to help his mom and dad clean up the yard. He puts on his coat, gloves and hard hat ready to work. 14 Jobsite Juniors Fun Stories I T ' S A C O N S T R U C T I O N S C AV E N G E R H U N T ! F i n d t h e s e i te m s a ro u n d yo u r n e i g h b o r h o o d a n d c h e c k t h e b oxe s a s yo u f i n d t h e m . R O A D W O R K A H E A D S I G N O R A N G E B A R R E L E X C AVAT O R S O M E O N E W I T H A H A R D H AT S K I D S T E E R B U M P S I G N Fun Activities ON T H E GO! PA CAN YOU DIG IT? Jobsite Juniors 8 In April, we got to visit Volvo to test drive its EW60E wheeled excavator! Fun Facts And so much more! ...and share the fascinating world of construction with a child! $24.95 for 6 issues That's 30% off the cover price! W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M 45

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