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36 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY N OV E M B E R 2018 Owner: City of Liberty; Prime Con- tractor: Allco, LLC; Engineer: HR Green; Equipment : Iseki TCC500 MTBM (26-in. OD), Iseki TCC600 MTBM (33-in. OD). R O S S E R Mainstem Pump Station Package 5 Bradshaw Construction Corp. This $1.198 million project includes twin tunnel drives (255 and 258 ft) of 48-in. locking jacked steel casing from the pump station to a cofferdam lo - cated in the Trinity River by MTBM in clay ground conditions. Bradshaw had completed tunneling on the first tunnel , but the joints of the casing pipe were severely damaged in the jacking process. Bradshaw was re- quired to push the damaged pipe out using casing pipe with welded joints. In the process, Bradshaw had to re- move a high spot in the tunnel grade (about 60 ft into the 240-ft tunnel length) by cutting a hole in the bot- tom of the casing and excavating the high spot as crews replaced the dam- aged casing . To protect from potential flooding of the cofferdam by Garney, for structural safety reasons, or from the river overall , Bradshaw installed a steel bulkhead in the casing between the old and replacement casing . While Bradshaw was replacing Tun- nel A casing , microtunneling was underway on the parallel Tunnel B. About 130 lf into the tunnel , a fore- cast of heavy rain was received. The water level of Trinity River rose, com- pletely covering the cofferdam and causing major flooding at the site, including the receiving shaft in the river cofferdam and the pump station launch shaft . The project began in January 2018 and is 90 percent complete, with final completion expected by the end of the year. Owner: North Texas Municipal; Contractor: Garney Companies Inc.; Engineer: Freese & Nicols; Equipment : Herrenknecht AVN-800A . Bradshaw Project Manager: Mike Wanhatalo. WAC O 18-315 Transfer Lift Station Package 1 Vadnais Trenchless Services Inc. This $1.245 million project consists of a single microtunnel drive of 518 lf of 84-in. welded steel casing with 66- in. FRP carrier. Shafts for the micro- tunneling will be built by the GC and likely will be constructed watertight using sheet piles. The geologic map and results of the borings indicate that the tunnel alignment and associated shafts will encounter fill and alluvial soils overlying the much older, Creta- ceous-age bedrock of the Ozan forma- tion. The tunnel will be approximately 14 ft below the groundwater table. This tunnel will be crossing Busi- ness Highway 77, along the shores/de- posits of Brazos River. The GDR refers to the river deposits as Brazos River alluvium or Terrace deposits. Mobilization is scheduled to begin in early 2019 and is scheduled to be com- plete in approximately two months. Owner: City of Waco; Prime Con- tractor: Thalle Construction Co.; Engi- neer: Lockwood, Andrews and Newn- am; Equipment : Iseki TCC1350 MTBM (85-in. OD). WASHINGON C OV I N G TO N SCWSD – Covington Way/SR516/SR18 Trenchless Crossings Frank Coluccio Construction Co. This was a $5.65 million negoti- ated change order that involved thee drives, each about 300 ft , to install 60- in. Permalok steel casing . The ground conditions included sand, gravel and cobbles with high ground water. Ini- tial attempts to complete the project by pipe ramming were unsuccessful due to grade control issues, leading to the negotiated change order. Owner: Soos Creek Water & Sewer District; Engineer: Stantec; Equip - ment : 60-in. Lovat MTS. TAC O M A Puget Sound Energy LNG Plant Frank Coluccio Construction Co. This $8 million project consisted of the installation of 800 ft of 48-in. OD welded and specially coated steel cas- ing . There was a single microtunnel drive with extensive shaft engineering and shaft development prior to com- mencement of the microtunnel . All shaft work and tunneling was done by Coluccio. This work took place in a highly se- cure and sensitive area of the Port of Tacoma. Due to the fact that it was a high traffic area, extensive coordina- tion as to work hours and access to the affected areas were required. The tun- nel crossed multiple high traffic areas as well as multiple active rail lines. Work started in September 2017 and work ended in August 2018. Owner: Puget Sound Energy; Con- tractor: Chicago Bridge and Iron; En- gineer: Civil Tech Engineers; Equip - ment : Iseki Uncle Mole 48-in. WISCONSIN WAU K E S H A Greenmeadow Sanitary Interceptor Sewer Super Excavators Inc. This $18.46 million project for the City of Waukesha Department of Public Works includes: 2,500 lf of 60-in. RCP (76-in. bore) with a 36-in. Hobas car- rier pipe and annular space grouted; installation of two secant pile shafts in bedrock to 35 vf, with drill-and-blast excavation for an additional 30 vf for approximately 65 vf total; and one liner plate shaft in bedrock with drill- and-blast for deep excavation. The tun- nel will be installed in bedrock in two drives – 860 and 1,529 lf. The project also includes 6,700 lf of sanitary sewer interceptor by deep open-cut construc- tion; 800 lf of 16- and 18-in. diameter double barrel siphon by horizontal directional drilling; 29 sanitary sewer manholes; 24 sanitary lateral replace- ments; 2 siphon structures; 5,000 lf storm sewers; 7 storm sewer manholes; 5 storm sewer catch basins; 16,000 sq yd asphalt roadway rehabilitation. Secant pile shaft work, deep open- cut work, and dewatering activities are now in progress. Total completion is scheduled for September 2019. Donohue/ Brierley Associates is the engineer. Crews will use an Akkerman SL74 MTBM. N O R T H A M E R I C A N M I C R O T U N N E L I N G 2 0 1 8 R E V I E W M I C R O T U N N E L I N G J O B L O G 2 0 1 8

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