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W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M 33 struction Co.); Engineer: River 2 Tap Inc., GDOT; Equipment : Herrenknecht AVN-1200 MTBM. Bradshaw Project Manager: Jordan Bradshaw. INDIANA F I S H E R S SR 37 Ofsite Drainage Ouƞall Storm Sewers Super Excavators Inc. This $10.2 project for the Indiana Department of Transportation is be- ing developed as part of the SR 37 Im- provement project to carry roadway drainage via two offsite drainage out- fall storm sewers. Super Excavators has been subcontracted by Midwest Mole to perform trenchless construction of the North Segment of the new sewer. Trenchless construction along the North Segment alignment is 4,285 lf of 54-in. ID reinforced concrete pipe with inverts 17 to 44 ft below grade. Drive lengths range from 451 to 1,092 lf in grounds consisting of glacial till, sandy loam, granular sand, sand and gravel. Groundwater is present in the vicinity of the trenchless construction, and challenges include the potential for intertill water bearing granular lay- ers and large glacial erratics. Crews will use an Akkerman SL60 MTBM. Six launch and receiving shafts are being construction by SX Foundations Inc., sister company of Super Excava- tors Inc. Shafts will range from 18 to 24 ft in diameter and 33 to 46 ft deep. Super Excavators' portion of the job is expected to start in mid-January 2019 and be complete in November 2019. NORTH CAROLINA C H A R LOT T E I-77 Express Lanes Project Bradshaw Construction Corp. The Express Lanes Project provides improvements along nearly 26 miles of the I-77 corridor north of Charlotte, including the conversion of existing high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes to express lanes and the construction of new express lanes and two major inter- changes. The $4.1 million microtun- neling portion consists of 1,500 lf of 60-in. steel casing for an 18- 24-in. DIP gravity sewer approximately 6 to 8 ver- tical ft deep, above the water table in sandy silt, lean clay and granite rock. The project was initially contracted for 572 lf to be microtunneled. Two change orders were added for an ad- ditional 944 lf. The project began in April 2018 and is expected to finish in January. Owner: I-77 Mobility Partners; Con- tractor: Sanders Utility Construction Company Inc.; Engineer: Hinde En- gineering ; Equipment : Herrenknecht AVN-1200TC MTBM. Bradshaw Proj- ect Manager: Mike Wanhatalo. C H A R LOT T E Doby Creek Sanitary Sewer Improvements Bradshaw Construction Corp. This $1.969 project includes two drives – 510 lf under Harris Blvd. and 310 lf under University City Blvd. –of 60-in. steel casing to be microtun- neled for a 30-in. DIP sanitary sewer. The launch shaft consists of 32 ft liner plate and is 24 ft deep. The new sewer will run into the water table at various depths ranging from 7 to 25 vf. Solid rock is expected for ground conditions. The project was expected to begin in mid November with completion in January. Owner: Charlotte Water; Contractor: Garney Companies Inc. (CMAR); En- gineer: Hazen & Sawyer; Equipment : Herrenknecht AVN-1200 MTBM. Brad- shaw Project Manager: Matt Webb. D U R H A M Eno River Outfall Phase 1 – East & Lift Station Upgrades Bradshaw Construction Corp. This $1.093 million project in- cludes one dual -pass 250-ft drive of 72-in. steel casing for 48-in. FRP un- der US -501 (Roxboro Street) expected in mostly rock with some silty sand 20 to 30 ft deep connecting to the Eno Pumping Station. The project is expected to start in February 2019 and end in April . Owner: City of Durham; JF Wilker- son Contracting Co. Inc.; Engineer: McKim & Creed; Equipment : Herren- knecht AVN-1500 MTBM. Bradshaw Project Manager: Mike Wanhatalo. R A L E I G H Lower Walnut Creek Sanitary Sewer Improvements Bradshaw Construction Corp. The entire project includes approxi- mately 16,400 lf of 72- and 66-in. di- ameter fiberglass-reinforced polymer and reinforced concrete fiberglass lined or PCCP PVC-lined gravity sanitary sewer installed by open-cut with ap- proximately 60 precast manholes. For an interceptor, crossing under I-440 within weathered granite rock, sand with quartz fragments and some clay, crews will complete one 455-lf micro- tunnel drive of 75.5-in. OD fiberglass- reinforced polymer jacking pipe. A 34-ft OD launch shaft and 17-ft OD water- tight receiving shaft are required. Shaft depths range from 25 to 30 ft within and below the water table. The micro- tunneling portion of the project is val- ued at about $3.15 million. The project began in November and is expected to be complete in February. Owner: City of Raleigh; Contractor: Park Construction of NC Inc.; Engi- neer: McKim & Creed Inc.; Equipment : Herrenknecht AVN-1500 MTBM (75- in.). Bradshaw Project Manager: Mike Wanhatalo. OHIO C L E V E L A N D Doan Valley Consolidation & Relief Sewer (DVRCS) Super Excavators Inc. Super Excavators was subcontract- ed by Triad Engineering & Contracting Co. to install Reach 3 (S -1 Structure to DVRCS -2) of the DVRCS. This drive is approximately 1,132 lf of 72-in. ID reinforced concrete pipe with contact grouting of the pipe annulus. The con- tract also includes construction of a 24-ft diameter ribs with sheet pile lag- ging launch shaft at approximately 43 vf (Triad is providing receiving shaft). This shaft will serve for construction of New Structure S -1. The GBR indi- cates potential for encountering flow- ing ground along this portion of the alignment . The majority of the align- ment is expected to be constructed in Glaciolacustrine Deposits which con- sist of silt and silty clays. N O R T H A M E R I C A N M I C R O T U N N E L I N G 2 0 1 8 R E V I E W M I C R O T U N N E L I N G J O B L O G 2 0 1 8

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