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NOV 2018

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22 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY N OV E M B E R 2018 presence in the northern part of the United States and southern Canada, we thought that was a great expansion opportunity for Granite. It also gave us the chance to move into the lateral market ." The Inliner purchase was also a perfect addition to the Granite mod- el because it gave both companies a far-reaching footprint across the United States. " The Layne acquisition brought the opportunity to geographi- cally expand in the trenchless market . We love the [Inliner] name. we love the product . And we love the people," Roberts says. Granite's Impact on Inliner McClanahan had been a part of the trenchless industry for more than 16 years and her role in the new Granite Inliner is impactful for her, as well as the Granite family. Although Granite employs many female executives and maintains ongoing initiatives to try to attract more women and minorities into the field, McClanahan is the first female at Granite to lead one of its op - erating divisions. She will be closely working with Mark Harris (Inliner), Jeff Lewis (LiquiForce) and Ralph Bonanotte (Kenny Construction), among others. Her excitement over having Inliner join the Granite Con- struction family of companies, as well as earning the opportunity to lead the operating group, is easily heard in her voice as she discusses the impact the acquisitions has had and will have on the industry. More reach . More support . More resources . " We're literally combin - ing it all and capitalizing on the best that comes f rom [ Inliner, Kenny Con - struct ion and LiquiForce], she says . " We are combining that with the strength we already had and we are nest ing it all under this new Granite Inliner g roup." " I had the privilege of seeing In- liner go from just over a $40 million business, incorporate two acquisi- tions and see through several prod- uct and process enhancements to get to where we were at the time of the merger," McClanahan says. " My new role affords me the opportunity to lead the new group and work along- side [people] I truly respect as we grow, diversify and strive to take In- liner to yet another level ." Roberts has been with Granite for 37 years, starting on the ground floor. A civil engineer, Roberts started his Granite career estimating work and becoming a superintendent in the field. He worked his way through the ranks before being named CEO in 2010. Though now the person in charge, he says he still considers him- self a "field guy." Roberts says Granite did not know a lot about the trenchless technology market when first introduced to it via the Kenny Construction acquisition . However, once a part of Granite, the company learned the value of hav- ing a trenchless technology company in the fold and its potential for long- term impact . Roberts talks about the enormity of the trenchless market , as well as the people involved in it . " I had no idea just how big [the trench- less industry] was and no idea how prevalent it was," he says. " I 've learned that there are some very, very talented and hard-working people who oper- ate in a very intellectually challenging business. And it takes a tremendous amount of experience and talent to be effective in that business. I 've seen that in most of the businesses we op - erate." Roberts is looking forward to what the Inliner and LiquiForce brands do for Granite and is open to exploring more trenchless companies to add. " We believe that the trenchless market is a good place for us to be," he says. " I think the expansion opportunities, both organic and inorganic, are tre- mendous. Our strategic plan has water expansion as a key component of our overall strategic plan. Water is a sig- nificant portion of our strategy." Roberts and McClanahan both see the trenchless market remaining strong for many years to come as our infrastructure continues to age and deteriorate at a faster rate than it is being renewed. " Products continue to evolve and adapt/develop to meet the market needs," McClanahan says. " While the need remains strong , focus needs to be concentrated on finding sustainable funding sources and get- ting the commitment to not just be reactionary in the way problems are addressed but find ways to better plan so that a more proactive approach can come into play." Sharon M. Bueno is managing editor of Trenchless Technology. Granite Construction president and CEO James Roberts is excited for Granite's long-term success in trenchless technology with the recent additions of LiquiForce and Granite Inliner.

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