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Fall Canada 2018

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W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M/C A N A DA 31 uled inter vals extending the ser vice life of a sewer cost effect ively. The industry has a responsibility to provide the best ser- vices possible to the community it serves. Sewer rehabili- tation is an option where positive actions can change and improve a system's reliability, operation and function. What would you say to a young professional looking for career options? The trenchless industry continues to grow and produce new jobs. I recommend young professionals continue to learn about these construction methodologies so that they understand that there are alternative ways to provide value as they service their clients. What is your greatest challenge and why? Helping people understand how new technology can benefit their projects and communities. Many people and agencies are averse to making changes or to taking risks. Of- ten, we work with people and agencies who do not believe trenchless construction methods are either viable or cost competitive. Over the years, throughout the development of numerous successful projects and technical papers, we clearly demonstrated how the key performance indicators of cost , time and quality deliver with regular frequency. What aspect of your career has been the most fun and why? I enjoy working with young people and educating them on trenchless technology and watching them grow in knowledge. I like to connect with people and explain what trenchless is all about . This gives them the tools that they need to help their clients or take the right decision. Each time there is an ability to push the technology enve- lope, there is clearly an important role for me. For example, when a contractor recommended pipe bursting of concrete pressure pipe as an alternative, it was the first time that it ever was attempted. Although the project did not produce the desired results, the project was completed and lessons learned and shared are valuable to the trenchless commu- nity. What does a good day in this industry look like? It is a good day if the client is satisfied and our team receives a thank you for a job well done — now that is a grand day. Marteen Greek is marketing content writer for GHD.

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