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Fall Canada 2018

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28 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY C A N A DA FA L L 2018 W I T H M O R E T H A N 28 Y E A RS A S A C I V I L ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIST (C.E.T.), Bradley Marin has contributed to the growth of the trench- less industry as a technical lead in the consulting business and as an educator and mentor to up -and-coming engi- neers and technologists. Recently GHD was part of the team that received the Outstanding Project Award of Excellence from the Centre for Ad- vancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT), for the Hespeler Trunk Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project in Cam- bridge, Ontario. The project involved the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) relining of the 45-year-old vitrified clay sanitary sewer, ranging in diameter from 600 to 675 mm, which carries wastewater from the Hespeler neighbourhood under the Speed River to the Hespeler Wastewater Treatment Plant . In this Q&A , Marin shares his experiences and insights about the trenchless industry. This has been a good year for you and the trenchless sector. Can you tell me about CATT? CATT is the leading organization for the trenchless indus- try in Canada and focuses on recognizing new construction methods, outstanding people, organizations, and projects that are instrumental in advancing the trenchless industry. CATT is instrumental in change through education, train- ing , qualitative testing , and developing new technologies. Congratulations on being part of the team that is receiving the CATT Award of Excellence in the project category. What will it recognize in the team's work? The award demonstrates recognition from an industry where my capabilities grew from a personal interest to GHD 's professionally notable position within the industry. I humbly say that the day GHD received this client nomi- nation, it was a great day. It was a great compliment know- ing that the project owner felt that our work met and ex- ceeded their expectations. I am glad to part of the team that helped provide a viable solution to a community in need, and made it better. What is it about your background and experiences in this industry that has led you to be part of the team that receives this award? I am a certified C.E.T. with more than 28 years of experi- ence in managing , designing and administering construction on infrastructure projects across the United States and Cana- da. I am instrumental in bringing projects forward from the public planning process stage to final acceptance, including: analyzing construction methodologies; developing detailed A Q&A with GHD's Bradley Marin T R E N C H L E S S I N S I G H T S By Marteen Greek A bridge was constructed across the Speed River to divert the Hespeler Trunk Sanitary Sewer during the rehabilitation process. Marin

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