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Fall Canada 2018

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22 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY C A N A DA FA L L 2018 WAT E R I N F R A S T R U C T U R E is of paramount importance to people across the country and municipalities and utilities are taking a strong look at what portions of their underground infrastructure needs to be replaced or renewed. The City of Powell River, British Columbia, knew the use- ful life of its main source for water — the Haslam Lake wa- ter trunk main — was coming to a close. Though it had not reached a critical state, the leadership looked at options to replace or rehab the 900 mm concrete pipe, which conveys water 1,340 m from Haslam Lake to a UV treatment plant be- fore distributing it to homes and businesses in Powell River. To help bring the $4.2 million project to fruition, the City received notice in 2016 that it was awarded $3.5 mil - lion in federal and provincial money from the Clean Wa- ter and Wastewater Fund to replace the Haslam Lake water trunk main. The City, for its part , had to cover 17 per cent of the cost of the project and had $717,400 set aside for the shovel -ready project . The City put out a tender for the project in early 2017 that looked at three options for the project : • Remove the 900 mm diameter concrete pipe and replace it with 800 mm diameter HDPE or 750 mm fusible PVC ( FPVC) via open cut along the exist ing alig nment; • Install a new 800 mm HDPE or 750 mm FPVC via open cut construction parallel to the existing line; • Or use trenchless construction and slipline the 900 mm concrete pipe with 800 mm HDPE or 750 mm FPVC . Ultimately, the City chose the trenchless route and Mur- phy Pipeline Contractors Inc . to perform the work using 800 mm HDPE sourced from Performance Pipe. Installed in 1964, the 1,340 m Haslam Lake water trunk main is Powell River 's only water supply, which brought its own set of construction challenges because the bulk of the work needed to take place in the summer months when peak water demand is greater. Murphy Pipeline Contractors was able to plan in such a way that the work would take place from August to the Oc- tober deadline avoiding some of the peak water consump - tion season. But the contractor did face other challenges along the route. D O N E I N O N E P U L L Sliplining Preserves Wetland in Powell Lake By Mike Kezdi

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