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Fall Canada 2018

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14 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY C A N A DA FA L L 2018 W I T H O F F I C E S A C R O S S C A N A DA, Associated Engineering is one the largest Canadian-headquartered en- gineering firms designing trenchless projects across the country. With more than 70 years of service in Canada, the firm was incorporating trenchless into its designs long be- fore trenchless was a term in the con- struction industry lexicon. With a staff of more than 1,000 employees and 23 offices across the country, Associated Engineering prides itself on being an employee- owned consulting firm that brings a global perspective to its clients from its employees' international experi- ence and technical involvement . The majority of the work completed by Associated Engineering falls under the water, transportation and infra- structure banners. Associated's trenchless services include buried asset management , pipe bursting , pipe jacking , bor- ing and ramming , pipe rehabilita- tion , horizontal directional drilling (HDD), utility tunnelling and micro - tunnelling . It is the new installation design projects that make up about 75 per cent of the company 's work , and of that work , about 98 per cent is for municipal clients. Dr. Jason Lueke, P.Eng ., national practice leader for trenchless tech- nologies at Associated Engineering , helps bring together all of the trench- less professionals at the firm, and connect the trenchless experts to oth- er projects across the infrastructure division, as well as the other Associ- ated Engineering operations. "Each Associated Engineering of- fice has a strong group of infrastruc- ture engineers. However, we only have about 15 engineers across the com- pany that focus on trenchless design. Using our one office approach, our trenchless people work on projects lo- cal to their office, but also will work across operations to provide expertise to where it is required," Lueke says. "Our trenchless expertise is distribut- ed across the country. We have strong pipe rehabilitation and relining expe- rience in Saskatoon, tunnelling exper- tise in Toronto and Calgary, and ex- tensive horizontal directional drilling design experience in Edmonton." A PROVEN TRENCHLESS TRACK RECORD Associated Engineering Is Deeply Committed to Furthering the Trenchless Industry By Mike Kezdi

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