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OCT 2018

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tttdZE,>^^d,EK>K'zKD67 pulled the duct back without spin- ning . So, we pulled it back 'dead.' Be- cause the micro -duct is tiny, you can't attach a swivel and spin it . The micro - duct would never hold up. But that duct was ideal for WCTA . It 's easily repaired if damaged and it 's orange in color, so it 's easy to see when digging ." Fiber-to-the-Home and Homeowners Currently, Lemke Equipment crews are installing 1-in. duct for a FTTH project for another telecom in north- ern Iowa, Titonka-Burt Communica- tions (TBC), Titonka, Iowa. In addition to installing the duct for this project , crews are also installing the pre- spliced ‡iber optic cable, as well . According to Lemke, the crews have gotten very pro‡icient and can really be productive in the right settings. " We're working in neighborhoods, so you don't have to pack up, trailer and move," he said. " When we're really pushing we can get up to 14 installa- tions done a day. We're probably av- eraging six or eight per day right now with the 1-in. duct . Once installed, we basically pushing the pre- spliced ‡lat ‡iber in place by hand." Lemke pays close attention to home- owners and makes sure to limit dis- ruption. " The design of the drill helps in that regard. A special steel track with bonded rubber pads offers ex- cellent traction and durability while minimizing potential damage to con- crete and turf, which is important in residential settings," Schneider said. " We're typically drilling at depths of 18 in. to 2 ft . The ground condi- tions are quite nice, beautiful black dirt . We pothole all adjacent utilities, but after we restore the area and re- seed, I can come back in a week and see new growth already," Lemke said. " We rarely get a complaint . I talk to every homeowner before we do the job. You tell them what you're going to do. And they 're happy. They shake my hand. If you don't pay attention to the homeowners and do a quality job, you're gone. You won't last long in this business." Jim Schill is a technical writer in DĂŶŬĂƚŽDŝŶŶĞƐŽƚĂ

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