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OCT 2018

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tttdZE,>^^d,EK>K'zKD65 in some places around the United States, like Iowa for example, the work hasn't ever really stopped. Several companies across the state have been building out their iber network for years. The extensive last mile work has turned Iowa's well -known agricultural soil into a bumper crop of trenchless conduit installation through compact directional drilling . The work has also put quality utility contractors like Lemke Equipment LLC , Hinckley, Min- nesota, in high demand. Lemke Equipment was founded in 1999. In the beginning , the company focused on installing copper telephone drops for various regional telephone companies in Minnesota and Iowa. " My dad had a company called Lemke Equipment when I was a kid back in the 1970s. He actually had dragline equipment and dug ponds for people," said owner Ron Lemke. " I 've always been with the communications side of the utility business. I worked for another company for many years be- fore I went out on my own. But when I started my own company, I wanted to use that name, Lemke Equipment . For the irst few years, I installed cop - per phone lines. That changed quickly over the next several years as compa- nies began moving away from copper wire and began iber- to - the-home (FTTH) installations." In the early days, Lemke concentrat- ed on trenchless installation through the use of piercing tools. A few years ago, Lemke added a Grundrodrill 4X compact HDD unit from trenchless equipment manufacturer TT Technol - ogies, Aurora , Illinois. " If you're going to stay relevant in this business, you better keep up with the technology. It started out with their Grundomat boring tools and GrundoAir compressor. I used to bore under sprinkler system yards over 100 feet in one shot! Now I can bore under yards with sprinklers over 300 ft and turn corners with the 4X HDD rig ," he said. Compact Directional Drilling According to TT Technologies direc- tional drilling specialist Mark Schnei- der, the smaller drills have been popu- lar for last mile work. " The technology Lemke is using a Grundodrill 4X from TT Technologies with over 9,800 lbs of pullback. His HDD crews complete up to 14 conduit installations per day.

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