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OCT 2018

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W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M 57 Currently the industry standard for safe excavation technologies throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, and now available across North America, dry suction excavation powerfully excavates without the use of water, eliminating issues related to slurry disposal as well as overweight loads. Ox Equipment Inc. is the exclusive distributor for industry leading MTS GmbH Dry Suction Vacuum Excavators, and contractors and clients are quickly realizing the benefits of digging dry. Recently, a California-based contractor was selected to safely excavate 350 cubic yards of dry soil within an isolated and secure valve yard, an excavation that ranged up to seventeen feet below ground surface. Due to safety concerns, the client did not permit mechanical excavation equipment anywhere on site. While a traditional hydro vac is capable of safe digging, this was not the client's preferred choice due to the required travel distance and time for ongoing slurry disposal and water refilling. =Utilizing their innovative MTS Dino Series dry suction excavation unit, the contractor was able to achieve production rates of 40-70 yds2 of soil per day, with the dry soil being unloaded at the project site for future reuse. Digging dry and staying on site, the contractor completed the entire project safely and well ahead of schedule, all at a considerable savings to the client. The Dino Series Suction Excavator utilizes a proprietary twin fan system which generates over 24,000 CFM of suction power. The large 10" diameter suction hose, which is precisely manipulated via a fully mechanical Power Arm, deploys off the rear of the unit for increased versatility. Functional side-tipping allows for fast, efficient and easy dumping from the 10.5 cubic yard spoils container, either directly on-site or into roll-off bills, allowing the unit to stay on site all day effectively doubling productivity. Contact Ox Equipment Inc. for more information or to arrange an on-site demonstration. 1-888-290-4044 S P E C I A L V A C U U M E X C A V AT I O N F O C U S MTS Dino Series Suction Equipment Sets the Standard for Vacuum Productivity By Colin Donoahue A D V E R T O R I A L

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