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OCT 2018

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6 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY O C TO B E R 2018 F R O M T H E P U B L I S H E R W H E N I D I S C U S S E D T H E N E X U S G A S P I P E L I N E I N N O R T H E R N O H I O L A S T M O N T H , little did I know that the winning entries in the 2018 Trenchless Technology Projects of the Year for New Installation and Rehabilitation would both be gas pipelines. The major area for trenchless over the years has been sewer lines. Gradually, the industry has moved into water lines. Now, we are beginning to see trenchless use in the rehabilitation of thousands of miles of cast-iron pipes. This year 's New Installation Project of the Year winner is the "Valley Crossing Project Gulf of Mexico Direct Pipe Method Shore Approach." In completing the project, Laney Directional Drilling set (at the time) a new world record in length for the Direct Pipe method. Direct Pipe is a relatively new trenchless innovation. The first execution in North America being 2010. Direct Pipe is a blend of horizontal directional drilling and microtunneling. The Valley Crossing Project was the first successful shore approach in North America using Direct Pipe. Project was staged on an island off the main land in the Gulf of Mexico, located in Cameron County, Texas. Product pipe was 42-in. OD steel pipe with fusion-bonded epoxy. Direct Pipe system was provided by Herrenknecht. Notably, Laney utilized for the first time a one-of-a-kind Derrick Direct Pipe Cleaning System. The system was ideal in that it offered full fluid circulation, low pressure, minimal risk to soft soil conditions beneath the south Texas shoreline. This project beat the previous world record that accomplished in The Netherlands at a length of 4,590 ft. Enbridge was project owner. Significantly, the project was completed on schedule and within budget. And most importantly, there was zero lost time due to injury. The Rehabilitation Project of the Year is a gas main line rehabilitation that took place in South Orange, New Jersey. This 36-in. diameter reline project set a world record for the largest cured-in-place project ever completed for gas main lines. The project covered 2,000 lf of deteriorating cast-iron, high-pressure pipe. The project was completed by the contractor Progressive Pipeline Management for Public Service Electric & Gas. The relining system was provided by Karl Weiss of Germany, ULC Robotics were additionally employed, as well as QuakeWrap. The project was completed near Seton Hall University. There were dense, subsurface utilities and an adjacent 12-in. low- pressure main. This left no clear option to install a new pipe; thus, rehabilitation was the only choice. Pre- construction included CCTV of the gas main without interrupting service. A custom-designed sandblast unit was developed to clean the pipe. Five vac trucks were above ground to vacuum the grit. Completion of the world-record setting 36-in. gas main rehabilitation preserved essential gas distribution for the cold weather months shortly ahead. Project of the Year winners, Runners-Up and Honorable Mention winners will all be formally recognized at the NASTT No-Dig Show March 18 in Chicago at the Opening Breakfast. P I P E L I N E L E A D E RS H I P C O N F E R E N C E While focusing on oil and gas pipelines, it seems appropriate that I should mention to you the Pipeline Leadership Conference (PLC) to be held Nov. 7-8 in The Woodlands (Houston), Texas. This will be the fourth annual PLC. The conference is held in partnership with Continuum Capital. The PLC brings together senior management across the oil and gas pipeline sector. The conference covers innovation and challenges in the execution of oil and gas pipeline construction. This year PLC will have a major focus on workforce development, which is a challenging issue in the pipeline construction market these days. Students will be attending the conference to give them exposure into the pipeline industry. University organizations represented at PLC include University of Alberta, Arizona State University, Louisiana Tech University, Oklahoma State University and Skills USA. There are numerous sponsors and supporting organizations of PLC and a jampacked agenda. For the latest information, visit Congratulations to our POY Winners! Bernard P. Krzys Publisher BY B E R N A R D P. K R Z Y S G A S P I P E L I N E S D O M I N A T E P R O J E C T S O F T H E Y E A R Nov. 7-8, 2018 Houston

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