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OCT 2018

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W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M 29 Ward and Burke Tunneling Inc. was awarded this project in June 2017. Located in an environmentally sensitive area due to construction within contaminated ground, this project in- volved the construction of a 3,460 lf of 60-in. storm sewer in four drives, •ive launch and reception shafts, two tie-ins and 460 lf of rehabilitation work of the existing 78-in. and 66-in. brick culvert via Channelline relining system. In order to re- duce the construction footprint in both hazardous and contam- inated ground, a value engineering proposal was agreed with the consultant and the client . The proposal included moving Shafts 2 and 3 originally located in contaminated •ill to Shafts 1A and 5A , in doing so separating tie-in shafts from reception shafts, greatly reducing the overall schedule. Tunneling was re- duced to two drives, the •irst drive containing two horizontal curves with a radius of 1,640 ft and 910 ft and being 2,400 lf in length. The second contained a vertical curve of 910 lf. During the construction of Shaft 1A , highly hazardous material was en- countered, which resulted in the drive length being increased by 322 ft to the revised location of Shaft 1, situated in non- hazardous native ground. The radius of the second curve was reduced to 754 ft to allow the tunnel alignment mine through Shaft 1A (changed from a reception shaft to an intermediate shaft), through the existing 66-in. brick and be received into Shaft 1, a total drive length of 2,722 lf. The high- strength mi- crotunnel pipe was manufactured by Forterra Pipe & Precast for use with the Herrenknecht AVN1500 Jackcontrol was in- stalled on the •irst 1,000 ft of tunnel . K i n g s b u r y R u n C u l v e r t R e p a i r Project Owner: Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Engineer: AECOM Contractor: Ward and Burke Tunneling Inc. Manufacturers/Suppliers: Forterra Pipe & Precast, Herrenknecht and Jackcontrol Value of Trenchless Project (US$): $9,871,800

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