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SEP 2018

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64 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY S E P T E M B E R 2018 M A N Y H O R I ZO N TA L D I R EC T I O N A L D R I L L I N G C O N T R A C TO RS have that one success story that brings a smile to their face just thinking about it. For Erik Carlson, owner of Pinnacle Construction & Directional Boring , Inc., in Charleston, South Carolina, that story happened on the day his team completed a 285-ft bore under the entrance roadways at the Charleston International Airport — hitting a 20-in. diameter exit hole in a wall directly below the airport's baggage carousels. " I didn't realize I could hold my breath for that long ," joked Carlson. " We had the airport 's director of operations, IT supervisor, IT manager and several other dignitaries waiting near the exit hole, just to see if we could do it . And, we hit it — dead center! I couldn't have been prouder of my team and everyone else we recruited to help us with the job." Starting from the Beginning The success Pinnacle Construction experienced with the airport job can be attributed in part to proper planning ; Carlson had been preparing for a project like this one for several years. Carlson's journey started when he joined the United States Navy after high school. He studied submarine electronics and was responsible for analyzing threat signals when a subma- rine was out at sea. Using the information he gathered, Carl - son helped of"icers and the ship's captain make decisions as to where to go, what to do and where not to be. " I learned then that you don't take a multi-billion-dollar submarine out to sea without a good plan," Carlson ex- plained. " We practiced every potential scenario that could happen — "looding , a hydraulic line rupture, electrical "ire, loss of propulsion or any other kind of life- threatening situ- ation. Diligent planning and training meant we were all pre- pared for whatever came our way." When Carlson completed his service in the Navy and got into horizontal directional drilling , he developed a similar approach to his business. "I'm an analytical person, and I'm used to processing data to make decisions, troubleshoot and train," he said. "So, when it comes to drilling , it never made much sense to me to show up on the jobsite, stick the bit in the ground and push it through until it comes out the other side." From Pinnacle Construction's "irst drilling jobs to their jobsites today, Carlson has trained his team to diligently plan for every scenario before work begins. The process starts by examining the bore path, identifying any poten- tial underground obstacles and then determining how the crew will avoid them. After the locates are called in, Pin- P L A N F O R S U C C E S S , T H E N W O R K T H E P L A N By Kayla Breja Pinnacle Construction & Directional Boring Inc. invests in planning to deliver results

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