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W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M 57 Two Decades Repairing San Diego Sewers By Jacquie Jaques Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction To prepare its bid packages, the City refers to "Standard Speciications for Public Works Construction" better known as "Green Book." The publica- tion's purpose is to further the unifor- mity of construction standards in the industry. Product s and materials that are used for sewer construct ion and rehabilitat ion must pass rigorous performance test ing per Green Book Sect ion 211-2 Chemical Resistance ( known as the Pickle Jar Test). This is an accelerated aging test used to determine the physical propert ies and weight change of material speci- mens after exposure to a chemical solut ion . This qualiicat ion test can then determine if a liner material is it for sewer applicat ions and can meet a minimum 50-year desig n life. The City will only use products that have passed this testing proto - col . Sekisui PVC liners easily passed this test and were included in the "Green Book " in 1998 per Section 500 Pipeline Systems Rehabilitation . The City prepares performance- based speciications for each project . The bid packages allow the contrac- tors to bid the lining method that best meets the project design and con- structability challenges. Furthermore, the City requires all lining systems to be sealed at the laterals using a SLC or Lateral Lining System. The SLC 's are installed post rehabilitation by the lining contractor or their listed sub. Program Milestones As of 2018, the City has inspected more than 2,040 miles of sewer and have identiied 779 miles for replace- ment/rehabilitation. More than 300 miles of sewers have been rehabilitat- ed with more slated for repair. Since 2001, Sekisui licensees have bid on more than 50 sewer rehabili- tation projects and to date have in-

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