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SEP 2018

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L I K E M A N Y O F I T S P E E RS, the City of Santa Monica, California, was faced with the challenges associ- ated with old and aging water infra- structure. The City 's Public Works Department recognized the need for pipeline assessment to diagnose the source and extent of their operational de•iciencies and minimalize risk. The Public Works Department elect- ed to develop a capital improvement plan based on actionable and defen- sible data to prioritize and maximize capital expenditure. It was assumed that mainline pipes were most prob - lematic, and that age was a signi•icant contributing factor to their opera- tional shortcomings. The department , however, did not have the means to make a diagnosis that would sup - port the decision-making process and therefore outsourced the assignment to a specialist team of pipeline diag- nostic experts. After researching the various in- spection technologies available on the market , the City appointed Aquam Pipe Diagnostics (APD), a pipeline ser- vice and technology provider, to ex- ecute video inspection and condition assessment services in an effort to investigate the current state of its po - table water pipelines. The diagnostics company was tasked with developing a strategy and selecting a technol - ogy that would best assess the con- dition of the preferred potable water pipelines identi•ied by the City. The strategy was designed based on the project objectives and expectations of the City in terms of data output . The purpose was to identify precarious sections of pressurized water mains that may require some level of inter- vention in terms of rehabilitation and replacement as part of future capital improvement programs. A Look at the System The City of Santa Monica owns and maintains 205 miles of water distribu- tion mains, ranging from 4- to 36-in. in diameter, and distributes 12 mil - lion gallons of water per day to ap - proximately 86,000 residential and commercial customers. A pre-inspection survey was con- ducted to understand site conditions, identify and assess access points, de- velop a contingency plan and identify 54 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY S E P T E M B E R 2018 Use Data, Not Assumption A Coastal City Uses Pipe Condition Assessment Tools to Optimize its Capital Improvement Program By Emma Quall

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