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spaces, but this job really showed me how well it maneuvers to get from one location to the next with minimal disruption," said Freeman. " It 's great to see how mainline and lateral CIPP methods can be utilized together in completing a complex project ." The challenging project included relining 70 ft of pipe with 10-in. liner, much of which was shot uphill . The lines also included multiple 45-de- gree bends, which meant that great care had to be taken to avoid wrin- kling , which would have impeded wa- ter low. " We worked with Corby Ener- gy and InnovaLiner to select the best materials for this job based on these unique characteristics," continued Miller. " We recommended the 4.5-mm Max SuperFlex , a non-woven needled punched PE felt liner, which is bond- ed to an impermeable PU coating with a special stitched seam. This single- layer liner is highly lexible and is ca- pable of navigating multiple bends up to 90 degrees, as well as transitions. We knew this would work well for this application." " We were a bit nervous going in be- cause of the size of the lines and the bends we had to navigate," said Curtis. " But the results using the Max Super- Flex were awesome – the liner inished with minimal wrinkling in the bends, with nothing that would impede low in the short- or long- term. Having Chad onsite to support us was also incredibly helpful . Our crews learned so much and will have a higher level of conidence for future projects like this. Chad also increased our comfort level in inverting the recirculation hose inside of the Max CalTube for the hot water cure. One of the great- est learning curves for us, however, was the vast selection of liner types offered by MaxLiner for different ap - plications." " This project was a true example of how great partnerships come together to complete projects successfully ", said Josh Freeman of Corby Energy By 6 a.m. the next day the lines were rehabilitated, the water was recircu- lating , and the crew was nowhere in sight , allowing the splash pad to re- open to the public for many years of future enjoyment . Heidi O'Leska is director of account services at Campbell MacGregor. W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M 53 Corby Energy project manager Josh Freeman realized this project was unique because there was only one point of access to the pipe. He determined that a "lateral blind shot " was needed in order to rehabilitate the failed water line.

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