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SEP 2018

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Static Pipe Bursting Program Static pipe bursting has evolved into one of the most ver- satile trenchless pipe replace- ment methods. With the capa- bility to replace a wide range of host materials, static pipe burst- ing is a viable solution for the replacement of water, sewer and gas infrastructure. WaterOne has six in-house, ive-member crews that work on construction projects. Each crew is capable of doing the bursting work. Carter said, "Our mains range anywhere from 2-in. all the way to 60-in. transmission mains. But for pipe bursting it 's usually 6- and 8-in. pipe, al - though we have done some 12- in.. We do upsize mains from time to time, but typically it 's a straight change out . For typical bursting runs, if we can, I like to go around 700 ft because that 's almost a block. The shortest we do is 400 ft , longest 780 ft ." The utility owns one Grun- doburst 800G and shares it be- tween crews. In order to opti- mize usage of the static system, the utility staggers the starts on projects within the same area or segment . While one crew is run- ning rods on the bursting equip - ment , another crew is doing a pre- spot on the next section of bursting . Once bursting is complete, the changeover crew comes in to tie in the service connections and the bursting crew, along with the 2-in. tem- porary service, moves on to the next burst . Meanwhile the spot- ting crew starts work identifying underground utilities for the next bursting run. For product pipe selection, static pipe bursting is one of the most lexible in terms of its ability to install a range of new pipes. " Because the water tem- peratures vary so greatly within our system, we utilize ductile iron, and with pipe bursting , we've moved to Certa-lok pipe and use it for directional drill - 50 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY S E P T E M B E R 2018 WaterOne is further incorporating trenchless technology for its main and service line replacement program by utilizing a Grundopit pit-launched mini-directional drill.

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