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48 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY S E P T E M B E R 2018 T H E P R O B L E M I S T H E S A M E for many municipalities and pub - lic utilities, system infrastructure is aging rapidly, but the need to con- tinue to provide value to customers, in terms of rates and consistent ser- vices, has to be maintained. Ignoring the problem or providing a Band-Aid solution to the problem isn't going to help anyone long term. WaterOne, Lenexa, Kansas, is taking charge of its infrastructure. The water utility has developed a comprehen- sive in-house trenchless pipe burst- ing program and is tackling one main replacement after another. While it sounds easy enough, WaterOne assis- tant manager of Construction Kevin Carter can tell you that a lot goes into creating an effective pipe bursting program. " We started to transition to a trenchless program about 12 years ago in 2006, before that everything was open cut ," he said. " We started looking for ef…iciencies. Restoration costs are tough on everybody. They can end up being over 25 percent of the cost of the entire project . That 's why we started looking at trenchless technologies." With approximately 2,800 miles of mains in the system, comprised largely of aging cast iron pipe, Wa- terOne's engineering department has segmented the entire system in order to evaluate it and designate priority for main replacement . " That 's done by the number of leaks. If a certain segment reaches a certain number of leaks, that segment moves up the list in terms of priority," Carter said. " The system has helped reduce the number of main breaks annually because, ob - viously, the leakiest segments of the system are being replaced …irst ." For its bursting program, WaterOne utilizes a Grundoburst 800G static pipe bursting system from trenchless equipment manufacturer TT Technol - ogies, Aurora , Illinois. TT Technologies pipe bursting spe- cialist Joe Abell believes there is a lot that can be learned from WaterOne's approach. He said, "In terms of a pipe bursting program, WaterOne's pro- gram is very sensible," he said. "They get the most out of the time that the equipment is working in the …ield and they 're extremely ef…icient. They 've de- veloped a really solid model for infra- structure replacement with bursting." Utility Background WaterOne is an independent public water utility serving Johnson County, Kansas, and surrounding areas. Estab - lished in 1957, when area residents, dissatis…ied with the service from their water provider, came together and bought out the Kansas City Sub - urban Water Co. The group reincorpo - rated as public water provider Water District No. 1 of Johnson County. At that time the utility was supplying up to 5 million gallons per day to area customers. By Jim Schill WaterOne plans to replace up to two miles of water main in-house this year through static pipe bursting with the Grundoburst 800G from TT Technologies. WaterOne Getting it Done: Pipe Bursting Program Flourishes In-House

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