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W W W.T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY.C O M 43 T T T E C H N O L O G I E S TT Technologies will be displaying its full line of trenchless piercing tools, pipe ramming tools and pipe bursting tools, at WEFTEC . 2018 in New Or- leans. Attendees will be able to see the complete line of trenchless equipment including the Grundoburst static pipe bursting system and Grundocrack pneumatic pipe bursting tools. The Grundoburst static pipe bursting sys- tem utilizes a specially designed blad- ed cutter head to make bursting duc- tile iron and steel pipe possible. The Grundoburst systems range in size from 45 tons to 287 tons of pullback force and can be used to burst pipe from 4 to 54 in. Grundocrack pneu- matic pipe bursting tools can be used to burst fracturable pipe from 4 to 54 in. in diameter. Grundoram pneu- matic pipe ramming tools can be used to ram steel casings ranging in size from 6 through 147 in. in diameter. Booth #3062 U N D E R G R O U N D S O L U T I O N S Underground Solutions, a subsid- iary of Aegion Corp., provides in- frastructure technologies for water, sewer and conduit applications. UG - SI 's Fusible PVC products contain a proprietary PVC formulation that re- sults in a monolithic, fully-restrained, gasket-free, leak-free piping system when combined with UGSI 's patent- ed fusion process. Additionally, both Fusible C-900 and Fusible C-905 com- ply with the AWWA standards AWWA C900 and C905, respectively, and are certi"ied to NSF 61. Since 1971, Ae- gion and its subsidiaries have played a pioneering role in "inding transfor- mational solutions to rehabilitate ag- ing infrastructure, primarily pipelines in the wastewater, water, energy, min- ing and re"ining industries. For more information about Underground So - lutions and its Fusible PVC products, visit Booth #5139 U N I - B E L L P V C P I P E A S S O C I AT I O N The Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Associa- tion (uni-bell .org) is the authorita- tive source of information on gas- keted PVC pipe. The association has served the engineering , regulatory, public health, and standardization communities since 1971, and its goal is to promote the use of longer-life, lower-maintenance, corrosion-proof PVC piping materials for real sustain- ability, strength and long- term asset management in water and wastewa- ter systems. Uni-Bell assists utilities and consulting engineers in the de- sign, speci"ication, and installation of PVC piping systems as well as providing after- sales technical sup - port for products sold by its member companies. PVC pipe is manufactured in the United States and Canada for drinking water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer piping covering the 4- to 60-in. rigid PVC pipe market . Booth #7056 V A C A L L Vacall Recycler continuous wa- ter recycling system is a "Green That Works" option for AllJetVac combina- tion sewer cleaners that can save time, increase working ef"iciency and con- serve our natural resources. The Recy- cler system vacuums water from sewer lines, puts it through a "ive- step "ilter- ing process and then uses the same water to continue jetting . The AllJet- Vac with Recycler option allows oper- ators to continue working , since there is no need to stop and drive off- site to re"ill the water tank. One Vacall AllJet- Vac combination sewer cleaning truck can save an average of 5.7 million gal - lons of city water each year when it 's equipped with a Recycler continuous water recycling system. The water sav- ings calculation is based on typical municipality usage statistics – using 80 gallons of water per minute, six hours per day and 40 weeks per year. Booth #2863 V A C T O R Designed for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning wastewater and sanitary systems, the Vactor 2100i combination sewer cleaner features a revolutionary con- trol system, superior vacuum perfor- mance, unmatched operator comfort and control , and improved fuel , air routing and "iltration ef"iciency. The cab includes a 7-in. screen with back- lit tactile buttons and Vactor 's exclu- sive IntuiTouch one- touch control system for quick startup and engage- ment . The optional RDB 1015 rapid deployment boom telescopes 10 ft out and extends the debris hose down 15 ft , minimizing the need for addition- al debris tubes. The water recycling model saves thousands of gallons of clean water every shift and offers signi"icant advantages, including ab - solute water "iltration to 100-micron particle sizes, a "ive- stage "iltration system, no moving parts in the body or tanks, and no need to enter the de- bris tank for cleaning or maintenance. Booth #1413 W E F T E C E X H I B I T O R P R E V I E W S

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