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40 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY S E P T E M B E R 2018 N O R T H A M E R I C A N P I P E C O R P. North American Pipe Corp., a lead- ing PVC pipe producer in North America, provides a complete range of products for use in municipal and rural water and sewer systems includ- ing gasketed, solvent welded, and our time- tested, highly renowned Certa- Lok system. Certa-Lok 's segmented PVC pipe solution reduces the jobsite footprint and minimizes community disruption with reduced need for job - site staging area and traf•ic control . Certa-Lok is designed for trenchless applications, such as horizontal direc- tional drilling and pipe bursting , with robust tensile strength for pulling multiple segments underground. Cer- ta-Lok can also be used for temporary bypass, eliminating open- cut applica- tions making it a go - to solution for engineers and contractors alike. Cer- ta-Lok can be used where pipe needs to be restrained including above or below ground, and permanent or tem- porary applications. For more infor- mation, visit Booth #1360 P E R M A - L I N E R I N D U S T R I E S InnerSeal is the trenchless CIPP technology that has been used in col - lection systems throughout North America to repair the connection from the mainline, while simultane- ously renewing the lateral . The prod- uct is installed with zero digging and no replacing of the existing pipe. With the use of compression gaskets, the technology has been proven to be the most effective, least disruptive, longest lasting lateral rehabilitation system. The InnerSeal system is the solution for common lateral - to -main connection problems. The product is a one piece, structural , new continuous main to lateral CIPP that completely seals the connection. The InnerSeal uses preformed hydrophilic rubber O -rings embedded between the host pipe and the liner to provide a perma- nent and veri•iable non-leaking con- nection. This compression gasket seal is compatible with all types of piping including polyethylene and ole•in- based coatings that are common on manhole- to -manhole CIPP linings. For more information, call 866-336- 2568 or visit Booth #7047 P I C A C O R P. PICA Corp. provides condition assess- ment services for pipelines in the water or waste water space. We are active across North America and beyond, inspect- ing pipelines for asset managers who want to be proactive in preventing pipe breaks and leaks. We will have an exam- ple of our internal, large diameter Tool plus our external Bracelet Probe on dis- play at WEFTEC. Write info@picacorp. com for more information. Visit us at WEFTEC, IPE Calgary and the GNDT EXPO Dubai Conference to see what solutions Russell Group can o™er for your non-destructive testing challenges. Booth #7851 R A P I D V I E W I B A K RapidView IBAK North America is proud to showcase our newest evolu- tion of compact inspection system design. Years of market research and engineering has resulted in a sleek, e a s y - t o - u s e system that won't strain your back, or your p o c ke t b o o k . Available in many dif- ferent con- • i g u r a t i o n s , the MainLite systems can be used in portable appli- cations, or mounted in vehicle, provid- ing you power and •lexibility in one compact , affordable package. See us at WEFTEC or visit us at Booth # 7539 R A U S C H U S A The brand-new LATRAS lateral tracking system is a modular upgrade to the Rausch M-Series product line for the automatic measuring and graphic documentation of the entire pipe laterals. The system's control electronics capture the direction of motion of the LATRAS sensor head behind the digital lateral camera, KS 60 DB. These coordinates are regis- tered constantly in parallel with the inspection and allow the documenta- tion of the laterals at the same time without any signi•icant additional work for the operator. With this new and important information about the pipe system the quality of the in- spection is considerably improved. Booth #1606 R A V E N L I N I N G VersaFlex Inc. and Raven Lining Sys- W E F T E C E X H I B I T O R P R E V I E W S

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