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30 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY S E P T E M B E R 2018 C O R R P R O Corrpro, part of Aegion Corpora- tion's corrosion protection platform, specializes in cathodic protection systems for pipelines and other struc- tures. Our comprehensive system analyses, upgrade designs and instal - lation services use the most advanced cathodic protection design tools, ma- terials and construction techniques to ensure a long- term solution. Ae- gion combines innovative technolo - gies with market leading expertise to maintain, rehabilitate and strength- en infrastructure around the world. Since 1971, the company has played a pioneering role in inding trans- formational solutions to rehabilitate aging infrastructure, primarily pipe- lines in the wastewater, water, energy, mining and re ining industries. To learn more about our pipe renova- tion capabilities, visit Booth #5139 C R E T E X Cretex LSS Internal Manhole Chim- ney Seal is a mechanical seal installed on the frame and grade ring sections of sanitary sewer manholes. These seals eliminate and prevent manhole frame-chimney in low. During wet weather, clear water ( in low) enters manholes through deteriorated and broken frame-chimney joints, which may burden the collection system. Each seal is made up of a high-grade rubber sleeve and stainless- steel ex- pansion bands which can be easily removed and re-installed to allow for future manhole adjustments. The LSS chimney seal has a 50-year design life and is available in four widths, allow- ing complete chimney coverage of up to 24 vertical inches with a single seal . For more information, call 800- 345-3764 or visit Booth #1328 C U E S The CUES LAMP II can be used to remedy potential crossbore risks and to aid in locating buried assets. The LAMP II (Lateral and Mainline Probe II) is an inspection tool for identifying in iltration and in low, potential cross- bores, pipe defects and structural con- ditions in lateral services and main- lines. The LAMP II with the optional Mini Pan & Tilt Camera will inspect laterals services and traverse multiple bends and wyes when deployed with or against the low. Mainline inspec- tion is accomplished with a pan, tilt and 40:1 zoom camera. The LAMP II can pull 1,000 ft of video cable, re- ducing traf ic control expenses while increasing production, and launch 150 ft or more into the lateral. The Mini Pan & Tilt Camera includes a de- tachable steering wand, self-leveling camera head, built-in lens wiper, 360 degrees pan and tilt, four banks of LED 's with variable light intensity, and a built-in sonde with switchable frequencies. For more information, visit, email salesinfo@ or call 800-327-7791. Booth #711 D U K E ' S R O O T C O N T R O L Duke's has sewer root control down to a science. Tree root in iltration is preventable, but without the proper maintenance steps, it will destroy a collection system. We prevent sani- tary sewer over lows (SSOs) before they cause major havoc to systems and communities. Using Duke's exclusive Razorooter II – a diquat-based herbi- cide registered by the EPA for control - ling roots in sewer systems – Duke's guarantees to kill all the roots in every sewer treated and to eliminate main line stoppages caused by live tree roots. Serving cities across the United States, Duke's provides the best root control products applied by the most quali ied crews in the industry. With nearly 40 years of experience and 250 million ft of treated sewer lines, Duke's is the place to go for sewer root con- trol done right . To learn more about our products, quality service and ex- clusive guarantee, visit Booth #4439. E N V I R O S I G H T Envirosight 's ROVVER X is the one pipe inspection platform that lets an operator do everything — control inspections, view and record digi- tal video, log observations, generate reports and link directly to asset- management software. All these ca- pabilities are packed into a simple three-piece layout , with no CCU or other components to clutter the work- space. Twelve wheel options — plus camera lift , carriage and illumina- tion accessories — mean ROVVER X transforms in seconds to inspect any size line. Its six-wheel drive with pro - portional steering navigates past ob - stacles and overlapping wheels climb offsets better than tracks do. Power- ful motors and a geared six-wheel drive train maximize travel range. ROVVER X is built on an expandable digital backbone. Not only can you W E F T E C E X H I B I T O R P R E V I E W S

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