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26 T R E N C H L E S S T EC H N O LO GY S E P T E M B E R 2018 A D S E N V I R O N M E N TA L S E R V I C E S CleanView cleaning-validation sys- tem combines a cleaning nozzle with a wireless high deinition camera into a single system enabling simultaneous cleaning and viewing . Work crews can immediately identify issues such as blockages and take on- the- spot action making them more productive and as- suring consistency. CleanView 's vivid, crisp video also provides a irst-level indication of pipe condition. This video shows developing structural is- sues where further investigation with a video truck is prioritized. CleanView systems include a " live" version used on 18-in. or larger pipes where crews view cleaning wirelessly and in real - time. For pipes less than 18-in., video images are recorded while cleaning then downloaded wirelessly to a tab - let or notebook computer enables immediate review via high- speed wireless download to its software. CleanView adapts to a variety of manufacturers nozzles. Visit adsenv. com /cleanview for more information. Booth #4317 A P/ M P E R M A F O R M AP/ M Permaform's CentriPipe has proven to be versatile and cost-effec- tive for 30-in. and larger corrugated metal pipe (CMP), reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), and brick storm and sani- tary sewer pipes of all conigurations, including round, arched, elliptical and box . Sanitary sewers are often suscep - tible to rapid and serious deterioration caused by microbiologically induced corrosion. CentriPipe — enhanced with ConShield anti-microbial liquid additive for concrete — rehabilitates and protects against future corrosion. CentriPipe can be self-installed or contracted with trained, experienced applicators. Cities, counties, and de- partments of transportation (DOT) across the United States and Canada have discovered the beneits of using CentriPipe – pioneered by AP/ M Per- maform – for their critical pipe repair and maintenance programs. For more information call 800-662-6465 or vis- it Booth #6539 A P P L I E D F E LT S Only the best quality materials can make the highest-performing cured- in-place pipe (CIPP) liners available. That is why Applied Felts, a pioneer in the CIPP industry nearly 40 years ago, starts by inspecting and testing raw material — including polyester ibers for the manufacture of tradi- tional liners, polyurethane granules for liner coatings, and iberglass for reinforcement — to ensure superior, quality liners that consistently per- form to your exacting speciications. Applied Felts, the world's largest inde- pendent manufacturer of 100 percent vertically integrated, quality liners, offers the latest innovations in CIPP liner technology including AquaCure RP — a breakthrough liner that com- bines iberglass reinforcement with Applied Felts' best-in-class felt liner design and construction; AquaCure PS — specially designed for pressure sew- er pipes and other non-potable water applications; and AquaCure PW — uniquely suited for potable water ap - plications and designed to incorporate quality liners with your NSF-certiied system. For more info visit applied- or call 276-656-1904 (U.S.), (United Kingdom) 44-1924-200535. Booth #4551 A Q U A M P I P E D I A G N O S T I C S Did you know the era of smart , ac- cessible, and transparent pipeline data is already here? Aquam Pipe Di- agnostics latest technology, Amplus, is the most advanced remote-operated vehicle (ROV) on the market for pres- surized water, wastewater, and indus- trial pipe applications. The system is a long range 3,280-ft capable crawler incorporating ultrasonic scanning technology for high-resolution con- dition assessment inspections and gives the operator maximized con- trol . Assessments can be conducted both upstream and downstream of the insertion point allowing for greater inspection coverage (6,560 ft) in A single deployment . Amplus provides real time visual footage, accurate leak detection in all materials, pipe wall thickness measurements and precise remaining life expectancy calcula- tions. All of these data are critical in- formation for developing and execut- ing cost-effective asset management strategies and rehabilitation plans. Let the versatile Amplus revolutionize your pipeline condition assessment . For more information, visit aquampd. c o m /s o l u t i o n s /t e c h n o l o g y/a m p l u s . Booth #557 A V A N T I I N T E R N AT I O N A L Avanti International is a leading producer and provider of injection grouts for municipal , industrial and W E F T E C E X H I B I T O R P R E V I E W S

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